Weiss Architecture Studio

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SINGHVI’S Abode, Jaipur

This stunningly designed Jaipur residence is the dream abode you’ve been waiting for. Mr. Singhvi, a young endowed architect that he is, had a vision of creating a place out of pure bliss but crafted with simplicity. If there’s a house that reflects its owner, this is it.
It was a love at first sight for him with Trespa, the high- pressure panels from The Netherlands. He loved the textures and design options available. For exterior façade he chose latest of our range- The Lumen. Besides, the kind of durability the material offer surpasses any other substitute out there. No wonder it’s the oldest mother company for exterior façades and cladding. The brand guarantees you long lasting performance with no warping and no discolouration.
For solar shading, he preferred to use our aluminium- alloy louvers in the exterior in horizontal fashion. He found the louvers design to be so interesting that not just in the exteriors, he has used them in the interiors as well for partitions near the staircase.


Tom Hoffmann