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Founded in 1969, Barrisol is a world leader in stretch ceilings, offering infinite design possibilities. 

The stretch ceilings and wall solutions offered by Barrisol are used in a variety of commercial projects like office spaces, hotels and high-end retail showrooms, residential spaces such as bungalows and apartments, and institutions such as schools and museums.

Material : The Barrisol false stretch ceiling material is made up of a polymer whose formula is property of Barrisol. Its a 100% French origin material . The sheets are classified B S1-d0, B S2-d0 or B S3-d0 (depending on the finish) and A2-s1, d0 in GTS finish in Europe, CLASS ‘O’ under Building Regulation in UK and Class I in the USA. 

Barrisol sheets are nontoxic and 100% recyclable. These are lightweight and flame retardant PVC sheets that stretch under the effect of heat and tension. These are preferred for both aesthetic as well as functional roles.

Colors : Barrisolceilings are available in more than 256 colours and 12 finishes.  however we can make custom colours on request. We offer very high end digitally printed sheets . Base material for this can be your choice of one of our 14 finishes (such as matt, lacquered, satin, translucent, brushed suede, perforated, Trempo Design, Trempo Vison, recycled, metal, etc.) and 216 Barrisol colors.

Air Conditioning and Ventilation : Barrisol is the only manufacturer to propose a reversible air conditioning system cold AAA hot AAA according to the ISO 7730 standard through its product called Barrisol CLIM. Using CLIM the air flow in the area is quite silent and gives extremely even cooling or heating across the space. 

Maintenance : The Barrisol stretch ceiling has a longevity of more than 10 years and does not need any maintenance. As Stretch ceilings do not accumulate static electricity no dust is accumulated on its surface. It is sufficient to wipe sheets with damp cloth every couple of months to bring back the original sheen. Our ceilings do not deform and preserve their color.

Lighting : Backlit stretch ceilings by Barrisol involve installation of LEDs behind a special translucent sheet made to provide lighting solutions. It is possible to have a uniform light by installing LEDs on the surface  behind or to have an amber effect of light. Barrisol recommends the use of a membrane above the diffusing membrane to avoid accumulation of dust and insects above the main sheet 

Clean and fast installation process – Installation of stretch ceiling will take no longer than few hours. The process is clean and does not involve any dust generation at site . 

Safety – Stretch ceiling material does not contain any harmful components, is odorless, non-flammable, and hypoallergenic. We guarantee indoor air quality A+ as per European and US standards . Stretch ceilings can be installed in hospitals or kindergartens.

Water resistant- As sheets are completely impermeable, In case of condensation of water in AC lines above,  our stretch ceiling material will accumulate water and won’t let it pass down. This, in turn, prevents damage to valuable items underneath in a high end retail showroom. Also as the sheets are removable and reinstallable , the cost of reworking is avoided. 

Ambience: Barrisol provides micro perforated acoustic stretch ceilings make sound area specific provide excellent acoustical comfort. The insulation properties of the stretch ceilings creates an additional heat and sound insulation due to air gap between the main ceiling and the stretched material. Barrisol acoustical ceiling technology can be integrated into public spaces such as Auditoriums , museums, airports, temples, hotels, classrooms , restaurants or music venues.

Eco-friendly: Barrisol Biowood is a stretch ceiling made from up to 92% natural ingredients such as wood and plants and does not involve petroleum. It involves use of ‘Biopolymer’ which is a biosourced material and is derived from renewable, non-fossil raw materials making it 100 % recyclable. It’s available in matt and translucent finishes, and with additional advantages of acoustics, light and air conditioning controls built in one or separately , as desired. Barrisol biowood ceiling material is yet another effort from our side to help you successfully decarbonise your buildings or move towards Green Building construction. 

3-D Shapes : Using Barrisol sheets, we can create a full range of 3D shapes like rings, waves, cones, paved, cubic, pyramids, vaults, full-clothes hangers, warheads, corbellings, semicircular arches, ogives, tri and five-sided, etc.with applications in multiple types of installation such as :

  • Luminous paving stone in a dining room design
  • Multicolored waves in a restaurant
  • Gigantic cylinder in an airport
  • Cubic display unit for an exhibition
  • Humanoid form in a shopping mall

Mirror : Barrisol Mirror combines the reflective power of a mirror and the technical characteristics of very light weight stretched Barrisol membranes to create a perfect illusion to “extend” the depth of your interior spaces. 

Mirror stretch ceilings are fixed on aluminum frames and can be created in any shapes such as rectangles, circles, triangles or squares and even very intriguing 3 D shapes. We offer a range of colours like natural mirror, copper, rose gold, black, stainless steel brush finish etc. 

Recyclable- As we move forward in an era of sustainable energy solutions, Barrisol sheets are 100% recyclable and can be reused to make other products (manufacture of garden hoses, public benches, various plastic objects). Barrisol stretch ceilings do not use water in the manufacturing process. There are no CFC or HCFC emissions. 

Durability : PVC stretch ceiling panels by Barrisol are sturdy and very durable. They can last for years without warping or bending. Unlike gypsum and POP, PVC ceiling panels are pliable and are less likely to get damaged while handling. Barrisol stretch ceiling comes with a 10 years warranty against any manufacturing defect leading to trouble free maintenance for the end user.


Barrisol stretch ceilings are the solutions for an aspirational class to elevate the design of their homes, institutions etc. to international class and levels.  These come in a variety of prints and colors. Barrisol stretch ceilings are the sustainable solutions for a world that faces climate change and a constantly evolving environment. They are made of strong PVC material and are durable enough to last for years without needing any maintenance whatsoever while at the same time maintaining its appeal of luxury and elegance.

Barrisol stretch ceilings are used in a variety of commercial projects like office spaces, hotels and high-end retail showrooms, residential spaces such as bungalows and apartments, and institutions such as schools and museums.

Our services include the supply of the products, rendering, installation of Barrisol stretch ceilings based on the project’s requirements. We provided a 10 years’ warranty against any defect in manufacturing.