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 is quite age old concept wherein these were generally used for ventilation and sun control. But with passage of time the technology has evolved to make these as engineered product. The louvers are now used for meeting the following objectives 

  • Facade aesthetics 
  • Sun protection leading to reduction in energy consumption 
  • Control of incoming light into the building 

Architectural louvers are designed as a system of angled slats, made of aluminium alloy 6063 and are generally installed on the exterior of a building as all as in gates, windows, pergolas and/or on balconies. They are strategically placed to allow air, light, or sound to pass through while preventing the entry of rain, direct sunlight, or other elements. They can also be used indoors as partition of different areas. 

 offered by Vibrant Technik come in various shapes, sizes, and designs, offering customers a range of options to choose from 

From facade claddings to building interiors, the aluminium louver designs play a pivotal role in many architectural designs. 

Choice of section of louver is governed by the application requirement and aesthetics of installation technik. Louvers can be installed either horizontally or vertically at varying blade pitch and angle. Their placement can be adjusted according to the project needs. 

Modern louvers also feature smart technologies that allow for dynamic control and automation. Example, motorized louvers can be adjusted remotely to respond to changing weather conditions, providing an additional adaptability. This can also create a dynamic facade design if required. 

Most of our louvers are offered in following configurations 

  • Fixed (can be fixed either horizontally or vertically) 
  • Manually Moveable ( a group of 5-6 louvers are moved together as a group) 
  • Motorised Moveable ( the louvers are controlled using individual motors) 


We have multiple types of louvers available: 

Grille is a popular contemporary louver that provides linearity to the facades owing to its L-shape that can be paired perfectly with exteriors for a beautiful composition. 

S Louvers
Curly, smooth S Louvers provide a no-see-through facade cladding wherever one wants to have privacy and ventilation both. There’s no see through in these louvers and this is the most sought after profile for bungalow gates and bathroom louvers where privacy of the inside space is a key concern. 

Gates made of  help in reducing the overall weight of the structure leading to use of lower capacity motors in moveable ones. Colours can be matched with the overall theme of the bungalow thus adding to the facade aesthetics.  

Aerofoils are oval shaped profiles available in a section size of 60, 100, 150, 200 , 250 , 300 , 400 and 600 mm sizes. These can be used both horizontally and vertically and offer a similar view from both inside and outside.  We can offer long spans of upto 6.00m single length in these profiles. 

Fluted Panels
Fluted panels are the latest louver products for facade and soffit claddings. We have a fixed size profile of 20mm X 12mm X 15mm and profile lengths are available up to 4500 mm. We have special fixing details which ensure a rattling free installation when faced with high wind velocity. 

Cottal is a 130mm wide flat aluminium profile which has 5 mm grooves on either side. These panels have very low overall thickness so are most suited for applications like soffit where the height of the finished area can’t be compromised. 

We offer following colors and finishes 

  • Single color in any RAL code of client’s choice in matt, satin and glossy finishes 
  • Wood Finishes 
  • 8 exotic Anodized finishe

These colour come with 15 or 25 years of warranty against any damage due to UV of the sun when used outdoor. 

Interior Design with Louvers

Incorporating louvers into the interior design space enables for visually pleasing elements within a space. can be strategically placed to create unique patterns of light and shadow, transforming an ordinary room into a dynamic, contrasting and colorful environment.

We can control natural light by adjusting the angle and orientation of the louvers, and thus can manipulate the amount of sunlight entering a space, creating a comfortable and pleasing atmosphere. This play of light not only enhances the visual appeal but also contributes to energy efficiency by reducing the need for artificial lighting.

Louvers can be employed as decorative features, adding texture and depth to walls and ceilings. Available in various finishes and configurations, louvers can be suited to the overall design theme of a space. 

Play of shadow is another design feature used by some interior designers . 

Exterior Aesthetics and Functionality

The exterior of a building serves as its face, setting the tone for the entire structure. Louvers, when integrated into the exterior architecture, contribute to a building’s overall visual identity. Designers can enhance the exterior aesthetics by integrating louvers in creative ways in wall facades, balconies, roof etc. while using finishes that complement the color of the building.

A primary function of exterior louvers is to manage the entry of sunlight into a building. This not only regulates internal temperatures but also plays a crucial role in energy efficiency. Louvers contribute to the sustainability of a structure, reducing reliance on mechanical cooling systems.

In regions prone to severe weather conditions, louvers act as a barrier, preventing rain and debris from entering the building while still allowing for adequate ventilation. 


 have come a long way from their beginnings as practical devices for ventilation and sun control. Today, they are integral elements in both interior and exterior design used in interior living spaces, offices, balconies, roofs, gates, external wall facades . 

Louvers enable you to play with natural light within a space, thereby contributing to energy efficiency and enhancing visual aesthetics. Louvers also protect you from rain and debris while parallelly also providing ventilation. They can be offered in a variety of colors and finishes that range from matt to satin to glossy finishes . We also have a range of profiles to choose from sleek and modern look to a more traditional and ornate style.